Kåre Thor Olsen


Kåre Thor Olsen (public GPG key: 0x962680c5305a9418, see fingerprint and signatures).
Kåre is a male name, which is pronounced much like the English word core. In Danish the letter å means the same as aa, hence you may also spell my first name like Kaare – and feel free to do so.


In Copenhagen, Denmark.


Central Odense. Previously: Svendborg, Korsør (folk high school), and the Nørrebro district in Copenhagen.


Systems developer of Internet applications in ASP.NET et al. (C#) and ASP (JScript) at KMD A/S in Odense.


To go outside in the nature or city with my camera, to read books, watch films, listen to music, write/translate articles for Wikipedia, work on the Debian Project's website, and much more.